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Davos e o futuro

21 Jan

The founder of the meeting in Davos, Klaus Schwab of the World Meeting of Economy (which is more political than social), warns: “Without urgent and focused action from now to manage Davosthis transition in the medium term and create a workforce with skills for the future, governments will face increasing unemployment and inequality constant. ”

A text widely cited an organization that participates in Davos says that 5 million jobs over the next five years around the world, the fourth industrial revolution will cause “major disruptions not only in the business model, but also in the labor market over the next five years, “states the text.

After the first revolution (with the appearance of the steam engine, came the second (electricity, assembly line) and third (electronics, robotics), comes the fourth industrial revolution that will combine numerous factors such as the internet of things and the “big date “able to transform the economy, but also to manipulate markets, labor and the environment.

It is speculated that there might be meeting to discuss curbing crises like the current, between Turkey and Russia or Iran with most Gulf countries, after the execution in Saudi Arabia of a Shiite religious leader, and the opening dialogue with Iran is welcome, but we have just witnessed a radical attack on a university in Pakistan.

Davos can not be and is not the last word, it’s time to listen to  persons.