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Chinese artist protests by refugees

29 Jan

It is still little known to the general Foreverpublic Ai Weiwei, an artist of modern China, but that is also his critic, that its works have been to Brazil, now he protests against the measures on refugees adopted by the Parliament of Denmark, preventing your and “private” civil rights o have assets, phony capitalism.

His protest was about to close his Breaks exhibition at Faurschou Foundation of Copenhagen, as is your Instagram profile, and also in the Aros museum in the west of the small country, where already pulled its shows this institution. Said the artist on Instagram: “as a result of this unfortunate decision, I will have to leave the exhibition to express my protest against the decision of the Danish Government,” whose work on display is a criticism of your country A New Dynasty, Made in China.

The artist said his decision was supported by the director of Faurshou Foudation, Jens Faurschou said on social network media that “regrets the decision of the Danish Parliament to place itself at the forefront of the inhuman policy in the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe and the Middle East “.

The artist currently exhibits in Spain, according to its “Forever” work in the figure, had a recent controversy with the Lego factory that refused to send parts to the artist, and he asked fans to send him legos, the response was overwhelming.

Maybe art does not save the world, but can save the right to life of refugees