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Old New State: without dialogue

10 Mar

The dialogue roads in the national situation seem exhausted, what you see onDilmaGetulio the networks are offenses and certain insanity, but we must be honest, on both sides, no prospect of dialogue only among those who “covet” the power.


One side threatened with violence, the other rebate with ironies, memes and insults; among politicians, the power struggle was never so deep: it is power for power.

The Brazil experienced similar crises, but not to compare with Collor, although both had the word impeached, I think the most comparable situation is the New State (named this time in Brasil) about Getúlio Vargas in years 50.


Getulio Vargas (04.19.1882 – 08.24.1954) had ruled for two terms in the period was that of Brazil from 1930 to 1945 (installed the dictatorship phase) and from 1951 to 1954, called New State, we hope not is the case of Brazil, because the comparison is that it was a period of labor laws and benefits for workers.


Companhia Siderurgica Nacional, Companhia Vale do Rio Doce and Hydropower of the São Francisco Valley, in 1938, created the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics.

Vargas returned in 1950 by popular vote, curiously with the campaign the oil is ours, was the creation of Petrobras which limited foreign influence here.


The similarities with the opposition of the mining and São Paulo oligarchies, discontent military with what they saw in action “left”, the press also spared Vargas, and ended that suicide.


It is important to eliminate corruption from anyone, but we can not forget that the old oligarchies and colonels still there connected to power and without losing benefits and are more involved in historical forms of corruption and lobbying, is that Brazil will be passed the clean, I would imagine so, but it is not what it seems.