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Are we reading minds ?

16 Mar

A device size of a matchstick that reads thought, called stentrode wasStentrode developed by researchers at the University of Melbourne (Australian) with a test done on animals to test the ability of neural signals and convert them into electronic signals.

The initial idea is to use the device to move a bionic arm for example, and would be easily implanted and not being invasive (would be implanted in the neck of a patient and positioned in a blood vessel), as the doctor said Terry O’Brien, Department of Medicine and Neurology at the University and a member of the research team.

O’Brien said:. “The great innovation is that we now have a minimally invasive brain-computer interface device that is potentially practical for use in the long run” as news on the university website that announced the stentrode.

Current methods to access precise brain signals require complex surgery with opening the skull and become less effective after a few months, the control signals of unreliability.

The stentrode is less invasive because it is attached to a vein in the neck and therefore easier maintenance.

Will the future be able to read thoughts and communicate by brain signals?