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Baudelaire and modernism

23 Mar

In 1857, on June 25 they were published The Charles Baudelaire FlowersSchawabe of Evil, French poet of riotous living, which made the father sent to India, and after receiving the paternal inheritance, his own mother sued.

Considered a landmark of modern poetry and symbolist, Baudelaire is a portrait of a society in decay in the nineteenth century and serves to understand a bit of contemporary society, although the Brazilian matrix is ​​Iberian, with golds nuances.

The German symbolizes Carlos Schwabe (pseudonym of Emile Martin Charles Schwabe) illustrated with the work next to the book The flowers of evil.

Launched the book was soon violently attacked by Le Figaro and collected by insult to the “good manners”, but the Baudelaire himself said about his book: “In this atrocious book, I put all my thoughts, all my heart, all my religion ( travesty), all my hate. ‘

Because the book was a 300 francs fine (reduced later to 50) and the editor to a fine of 100 francs and still had to remove six poems to launch the book.

The book can be divided as follows: the fall; the expulsion from paradise; love; eroticism; decay; the death; the time; exile and boredom, but in French received the names: Spleen et Idéal (Boredom and Ideal), Tableux Parisien (Parisian Tables) Le Vin (Wine), Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil), Revolte (Revolt ) and La Mort (Death).

Soon we will revisited the week of modern art and Brazilian culture.