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Humility and Jesus´s wash feet

24 Mar


The concept seems clear, but it is not, most people keep resentment when they are in front of Lavapessomeone who has a quality the most, be it human, material, spiritual, intellectual, or even in a particular skill, an athlete for example, so do not to be confused with self-pity or unworthiness, a baker is good for making bread.


The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche scoffed at this, saying that humility is a false virtue that conceals the disillusionment that some people hide within themselves, partly true, but there humildades recognizing the own merit use not to put others in a condition unworthiness, as someone who is wise but only uses light to illuminate and not to cause a sense of inferiority in others.


The standpoint of Immanuel Kant is more complex, for it was the central virtue of life in an interesting paradox this may be a vanity, to be humble, not by chance formulated a moral principle based on it that says that we should be reference for others.


The humility of Jesus to wash his disciples’ feet have this light paper, wisdom, as this was done only by slaves at the time, and one of the disciples said that Jesus should not do this, what the teacher refutes saying that not do will not part with it, then the disciples do not understand again says then can wash the whole body, the master explains it is not necessary to bathe who is clean.


Taking what is impure, bad or immoral in another is rather an attitude of humility, because humility is not omission or oppression, it is light and wisdom, but putting up “next to” the Other.