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Almost La la Land wins

27 Feb

Almost because actresses Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway erroneously Moonlightannounced that La La Land: Singing Seasons but the winner with merits was Moonlight: Under the Light of the Moon, The critics darlings had the best actress Emma Stone – La La Land: Singing Seasons And Best Actor Best Actor Casey Affleck – Manchester by the Sea


Best Supporting Actress awards went to Viola Davis – A Boundary Among Us and Best Actor for Mahershala Ali – Moonlight: Under the Moonlight Light, the film also won best screenplay adapted with Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney -.

Best Director, the now highly-rated (winner of two Golden Globes) director Damien Chazelle – La La Land: Singing Seasons, who also won best picture with Linus Sandgren.

Best animated film went to Zootopia and best foreign film for The Apartment, from Iran.

Without much news, with better soundtrack of Justin Hurwitz – La La Land: Singing Seasons stayed with the hours of the night, but Moonlight, excuse the pun took a little the brightness.

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Carnis Levale, the origin of this party

25 Feb

The word carnival comes from the Latin carnis levale, to remove the flesh to the letter, Carnavalbut it would be the carnal feasts before the 40 days of Lent which is a period for the Christians waiting for the “Passover”, the feast of the passage from the land to the Salvation, not by chance, Lent begins when Lent begins, that is, on Ash Wednesday.

We have already mentioned the origins of this festival here, especially in Brazil, but we want to go deeper into the meaning of this “passage” between the period that would be carnal and the true Passover, 40 days later.

The forty days are a reference to the forty years that the Jews walked through the wilderness in search of the promised land, coming out of the bondage of Egypt, a reference made in Salm 94 (95) verse 10: “For forty years I was displeased with that generation, And I said, “It is a people of a deviant heart, who knoweth not my purposes,” until the coming of the Passover the passage into the Promised Land.

In the Christian reinterpretation of this Jewish passage, in which there is much in common, sometimes even the Christian Easter coincides with the Jewish one, since the Jewish calendar remained the count, since there is no b.C. (Before Christ) and the d.C. (after Christ), but the reference to the period when food was scarce, due to flight, the unleavened bread, because of the bread being made without leaven, because there was no time to ferment, at last a period of suffering and fasting .

In the Catholic resignification (the Lutheran church also does it) Lent is then this period of delivering difficulties and suffering, and the cruxification of Jesus is the apex of this feast and was done exactly in a helping “Passover”, then is rewarded by the immense grace that is salvation And resurrection of Christ, in the Jewish case the passage to the Promised Land, now Israel.

The carnival is therefore the last period that precedes these 40 days and the date is marked precisely because of the Pascal calendar.


Chip revolutionizes IoT

24 Feb

A company almost bankrupt decides to invest in the development of a chip for the ESP8266Internet of Things (IoT) not only saves the company itself but promises to revolutionize the market.

The chip is the ESP8266, from Espressif company, the price $ 5 (5 collars), less than a coin and integrated in several solutions, for example, communication with the serial interface of most computer models, the UART Universal asynchronous transmission), this means transmission with which devices with TCP Internet interface.

It is a System-On-Chip with built-in Wi-Fi, It has GPIO connectors, I2C buses, SPI, UART, ADC input, PWM output and Internal temperature sensor, CPU operating at 80MHz, capable of operating at 160MHz, 32-bit RISC architecture, 32KBytes of RAM for instructions, 96KB of RAM for data, 64KB of ROM for booting, SP SP memory and Winbond W25Q40BVNIG of 512KBytes .

To program them, the company has a repository in GitHub, where it provides code samples for RTOS firmware and AT commands, and its SDK, for example, in addition there is an ESP8266 developer forum, maintained by Espressif, where it is possible Find a wide range of materials.

Will we have new developers of garages around the world?


The Next Step to Cognitive Intelligence

23 Feb

We are approaching a century of computing, if we think that Kurt Gödel’sSegurançaIBM paradox about a thinking “system” began what Alan Turing and Claude Shannon would talk about in secret Bell Laboratory projects during World War II, read The Information: a History, a theory and a flood of James Gleick, to understand what was done, until the first computer was created in valves.
Then we develop increasingly complex programs, and we can simulate genome sequencing, weather forecasting, sharing data around the world, but the most interesting pieces for us humans, such as creating a poem, recognizing an image of painting or even reading a Book, explaining it so that systems still fall short.
Now concerned with security systems, machines advance our desires and individualities, they finally seem to challenge the developers: to create a cognitive security capable of going beyond the machines, and to continue to give us security to work with them.
For decades, computers have been trained to recognize viruses, malware and exploits, and we have tried to make these services more accurate, but it is not enough, machines seem to discover our desires and offer things to make us offers and throw us on even stronger consumption Than at the beginning of the cinema and radio era.
Now your attacks and find creative ways to break the defenses, so what systems need is the ability to detect the most subtle change of activity and analyze it with as much context as possible to distinguish and eliminate new threats?
IBM promises to move forward on these smarter, now called cognitive, segregations, Samsung also promises advanced programs in this area, with two key points:
– traditional security is unable to analyze and apply this view in the way that an analyst can. That’s why the most challenging security issues still require people to make good decisions about how to act and how to know if it’s not a false alarm.
– the second is to build a kind of “security instincts” and expertise in new defenses that analyze search reports, Web text, threat data, and other structured and unstructured security-relevant data – just as security professionals do on a daily basis – but on a scale never seen before.
This is the essence of cognitive security, be it the IBM video above.


Samsung vice president arrested

22 Feb

The world is changing, although few believe it, if in politics there are setbacks, itDonoSamsung seems in public opinion that we are striding towards a more collective, transparent and corruption-free and corrupt society.
South Korea, following a request from the prosecutor’s office, has announced the arrest of Samsung’s vice president and heir Lee Jae-Yong after obtaining evidence of his involvement in the country’s corruption scandal that has already driven the South Korean president away, Park Geun-hye, which generated protests and many demonstrations in that country.
Lee, the heir to South Korea’s largest conglomerate, was investigated for 22 hours a week last week on the case, charged with perjury, fraud and bribery for having paid about $ 36 million to organizations linked to Choi Soon-Sil , A friend of President Park, who became the pivot of the departure of the president of South Korea.
Choi Soon-sil, a friend of the president, was accused of having interfered in official affairs without any office in the government and with her influence and friendship pocketed large sums of money from South Korean companies and conglomerates, among them Samsung, Hyundai and LG, earning millions of dollars in bribes through private foundations she created.
In Brazil, perjury is what is known as a false witness, as stated in article 342 of the Criminal Code, which says that it is illegal to “make a false statement, deny or silence the truth” in police investigations or judicial proceedings, can give up to 3 years But it can not even be a crime.
In Brazilian law, perjury committed by an accused “is not a crime,” because in Brazil no one is required to produce evidence against himself. “A person in the condition of defendant is not obliged to speak the truth”, fact that causes enormous anomalies in the brazilian national corruptions.
For this reason, despite a huge list of reported, mostly criminals, we will spend some time not knowing where the trillions of dollars stolen from public accounts came from


The Being, the Greeks and the Sky

21 Feb

Our time lacks a cosmology, a look at the infinite, all civilizations had their EpoheAletheiacosmologies, and our Westerner lost them.

The pre-Socratics, who in their view saw a manifestation when speaking of the question of Being and / or the “possibility” of unveiling (aletheia) or natural “occultation”, that is, what we are is concealed.

Heidegger proposes a re-reading of the pre-Socratics differently from those made by tradition, that is, Plato and Aristotle among others later, because they began to look only at the “us” and in some cases the “us”, but always at a finite dynamics (Sumo Well of Plato) or static (The still motor of Aristotle).

What they understood by Heaven did not extend the senses beyond an epiphany (epiphaneia), to see Heaven as our cosmic origin, a distorted fact in the course of time, and that part of the Christian exegesis did not cease to be a victim once That the theocentrism has as catharsis at the end of the middle age exactly the problem of the movement of the planets and the centrality of the sun, but the question posed was another: the Bible can be interpreted, can there be a hermeneutic question in the biblical reading?

Contemporary Philosophy is almost all rationalist, it is possible through a new cosmology, a possibility of “turnaround” that could reactivate our thinking to the original philosophy, the one that refers to our ancestors and to what we truly are, and not to what we do, which is ideological.

We call experience and phenomenon only the sensible world, without this look at the unfinished, both the infinitely great (not necessarily the absolute) and the infinitely small, as Blackburn  (1997) comments on Husserl’s Phenomenology:

“Husserl realized that intentionality was the mark of consciousness, and saw in it a concept susceptible of overcoming the traditional dualism of mind-body. (…) Despite Husserl’s rejection of dualism, his belief in the existence of something that remains after the epoch, or suspension of the contents of experience, associates him with priority to the elementary experiences of the doctrine of phenomenalism, and phenomenology eventually suffered. Part of this approach to the problems of experience and reality. However, more recent phenomenologists, like Merleau-Ponty, do full justice to the world-involving nature of experience.”

There is nothing more difficult for contemporary philosophy than epoché, suspension of judgment on the contents, and unveiling aletheia, because it is vitiated ideologically as well as philosophically.

My homage to the dissertation defense of my student Ramon Ordonhez, on the subject. Blackburn, Simon. Contributions to Philosophy: From Enowning. Indiana University Press, 1997




Elections in Ecuador

20 Feb

President Lenin Moreno, a follower of the vice presidency, led the race (32.3%), former candidatos_do_equadorbanker Guillermo Lasso (21.5%), %) And former congresswoman Cynthia Viteri (14), and the leftist former mayor of Quito, Paco Moncayo (7.7%).

The elections in Ecuador have a different criterion for the first round, 40% of the votes are enough for the second round to be dispensed, but everything indicates that there will be a second round, as in many recent elections there are last-minute surprises. First round, as Cynthia Viteri may enter the dispute.

Lenin Moreno is wheelchair-bound, because of an accident assault suffered in 1998, when he was shot and lost part of the leg movements.

The electoral climate heated up when corruption came on the scene, as in Brazil, a case involving a former Petroecuador Correa minister, there are also alleged bribes from the Odebrecht contractor to Ecuadorean officials, which would reach US $ 33 million.

Correa leaves the government after 10 years of government, leaving a country in the economic turmoil with the fall of oil, devaluation of the neighboring currencies and strengthening of the dollar, in addition to the heavy costs of the earthquake of 2016.

There may also be a side effect of the elections, as William Assange, founder of Wikileaks has been asylumed in the London embassy of Ecuador since 2012, and could be deported if the conservative opposition wins.

The election elects in addition to the new president, the vice president, 137 deputies and five representatives in the Andean Parliament for 2017-2021.


Which technologies are emerging

17 Feb

There are several methods of analyzing market trends, stock exchangesCurvaGartner2016 like Nasdaq and many of its analysts and brokers are one type, but one highly referenced is the so-called Gartner curve.
The consultants this Gartner or Hypocycle curve, not only targets trend analysis, but mainly: “The Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies is unique to doing analysis among several sets of HypoCycles, this because it distills insights from more than 2,000 technologies in a concise set of emerging technologies and trends that will have the greatest impact on the strategic planning of certain organizations, “said Mike J. Walker, director of the consulting firm, as reported on the company’s website earlier this year.
According to the analysis of the Gartner Curve, a consulting firm for investors in the area, the virtual reality is the great emerging technology in the year 2016, augmented reality (see Pokemon) is still at the bottom of the can of the process of disillusionment.

Bilding 3D images in medical fields is aplication examples of virtual reality.
Curves between technologies that are considered criticals
include 4D Printing, Brain-Computer Interface, Human Augmentation, Volumetric Displays, Affective Computing, Connected Home, Nanotube Electronics, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality e Gesture Control Devices.

Gartner clients can read more in the report “Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2016.” This report is part of Gartner’s Hype Cycle Special Report for 2016


USA, another Todorov prophecy?

16 Feb

We re-read this wonderful Bulgarian writer, who left us on the last day of FebruaryTrumpNoIsPresid 7, and to re-read The Enemies of Democracy, I note another probable prophecy of someone who, besides philosophy and politics, spoke of literature and the arts, without ever losing the charm And belief in life.
In his book The Intimate Enemies of Democracy, translated into Portuguese in 2012, he asserts that one of the enemies of democracy is precisely the United States, and for this to make sense, we need to understand what democracy really is.
The reason is that the United States has built an outstanding model of this form of government, who knows the literature of Democracy in America of Alexis Tocqueville will soon understand, they have never experienced coups or censorship of the press, wrote Todorov, the electoral system therein Has proven his ability to apprehend the sentiment of the majority, did not write but could have written: and if one day this majority felt betrayed.
Todorov, who said that democracy was a form of control by the people of the state and not the contrary as many believe, saw in the war in Iraq and other wars, of course, a kind of American messianism of the type: we defend the world .
The understanding we have of what corresponds to Joaquim de Fiori’s doctrine, according to which the history of the West would culminate in a third age of peace and prosperity, was nothing more than late Hegelianism and Enlightenment.
The distinctive feature of this belief in the state is that it manifests itself in a cult that is fond of those who devote themselves to religions, yet religions of various shades do not escape it.
He who lived in the iron curtain says that in Soviet Russia traces of this behavior were recorded, but the finished expression of the phenomenon would be Liberation Theology, insofar as it transforms the Marxist vulgate into an object of worship without ever understanding the ideological question , Especially on the philosophical question.
But it is also critical of neoliberalism, which is made of representative democratic government: “Political messianism and neoliberalism are at first glance with two opposing tendencies: the first demonstrates the capacity for state intervention; The second, its progressive erasure. It is as if one’s strength were to compensate, or dissemble, the weakness of the other: the triumphal march of armies abroad is opposed to the impotence of the state in its own territory. It has the impression that it is much easier for American President Obama to bomb Libya than to make him accept an improvement in the social security system in his country “(Todorov, 148).
Todorov makes a number of conclusions, including criticism in a responsible manner of technology, but as democracy has stated: “Democracy is sick of its understatedness: freedom becomes tyranny, people become manipulative mass, desire to promote progress if It becomes a crusade spirit. The economy, the state and the right cease to be means destined to the flourishing of all and now participate of a process of dehumanization. On some days this process seems irreversible to me. “(Todorov, 197)
“On certain days”, of course, we must fight for the empowerment of the population, allow more people to participate in the democratic process, we could say in a sense what Todorov wrote: “more democracy is the medicine”, where everyone participates directly.
Tzvetan Todorov – Os inimigos intimos da democracia (“The intimate enemies of democracy’). São Paulo: Companhia das Letras, 2012


Free Databases

15 Feb

When more opensource databases grow, more companies covet this market, three competitor has great products: MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL.
Some obstacles always present is gaining trust among developers of these products in independent software producers, where a false idea works: what we pay is the best products.

On the other hand paid products developers, called proprietary software, is to use the advantages of this “free” market in their favor, for example, Microsoft’s SQL Server Express allows facilities for migration to its paid version, SQL Server Express, Also the generation and a database in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which is easy to be done can be easily converted to Access database, which comes bundled with your Windows package.

But the Bigdata concept, which requires NoSQL databases, are those where a collection of databases become so complex and bulky that it is very difficult (in many cases impossible) to do simple operations such as removal, sorting, and summarization using Systems Traditional Database Managers.

BigData also refer to unstructured data found in social media, is a direct consequence of Web 2.0 that has entered millions of users as producers of information, use NoSQL (Not only SQL) applications. NoSQL promoting a number of innovative storage solutions and high volume information.

These diverse solutions are being used very frequently in countless companies, such as IBM, Twitter, Facebook, Google and Yahoo! for the analytical processing of Web log data, conventional transactions, among many other tasks.

The DBMS has a consistency model strongly based on the ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) transactional control, but this model is not feasible when distributed over several nodes, a typical case of networks (important here are networks and not media).

The model developed then must be another: CAP (Consistency, Availability and Partition tolerance) where generally only two of these 3 properties can be guaranteed simultaneously, which makes processing more difficult, but not if the database is “semi-structured”, this Is, to work with the principle that the data is not structured in the conventional formats of SQL banks.

Among the various existing NoSQL products, we can consider that the most representative is Apache Hadoop, today there is a version adapted for the Web, called Handoop 2.0.
There are other products, among them HBase which is a distributed database, column-oriented, uses the Google BigTable model and is written in Java, and another is open-source software like Apache Cassandra (originally developed for Facebook).

HBase is an open-source distributed column-oriented database, modeled from Google BigTable and written in Java.

There are simple interfaces to SQL as associative arrays or key-value pairs, as well as standards for native XML databases supported by the XQuery standard.

A language that was developed for the Semantic Web is the SPARQL (Protocol and RDF Query Language) that has aided the growth of linked data clusters