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Nature of nature

03 Mar

We have already had occasion to speak of Edgar Morin’s method, in essence its complexity,Complexity but we want to penetrate the core of what his thinking confronts with modernity: what we call nature.
We have already called nature the domain of man over it, anthropocentrism judges that the next man is nature, although part of it, the question is what nature is.
In Method I: Nature’s Nature, Morin states: “The inclusion of antagonism at the heart of complex unity is undoubtedly the most serious attempt against the paradigm of simplicity, the most evident call for the elaboration of a principle and a method of Complexity “(Morin 1997, page 140).
The problem of unity is that antagonism can not be eliminated, so simplicity is dumb, as Morin develops: “there is no organization that does not determine, at least on a virtual basis, internal antagonisms; The more complex organizations behave antagonistic games even in their principle and activity “(ibid., P.140).
Phenomenology begins, as it affirms that things are only things, what it affirms in the meantime is: “it is henceforth impossible to close the wealth of systems in simple and closed notions”, contradicting the simplism and reductionism of modernity.
The complexity states it (in italics in the original): “therefore arises in the bosom of the one at the same time as: relativity, relationality, diversity, alterity, ambiguity, uncertainty, antagonism, and the union of these notions that areComplementary, competing and antagonistic “(Morin 1997, page 141).
And it uncovers the mystery of our notion of nature: “objects and concepts lose their Aristotelian and Cartesian virtues: substantiality, clarity, distinction … But these virtues were vices of simplification and denaturation” (Morin 1997: 141).
So what nature is, we must read the whole book and its complexity, and it is not evasive, but I leave a tip from the top of the book: “The noological sphere, constituted by the set of phenomena said spiritual, is a very rich universe that Ideologies can remain in latency or deviation, in a small minority isolation … but suddenly, the rupture of a negative feedback, or any other favorable event, allows its epidemic multiplication “( Morin, 1997, page 310).
It is not a conclusion, just a score from this post: “The imaginary is at the active and organizational heart of social and political reality” (Morin 1997, page 311).
Then develop the information universe, which interests us thematically.
MORIN, E. O Metodo: I-A natureza da natureza, Lisboa: Publicações Euro-américa, 1997. (Download em english)