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Brazilian crisis: liberal thinking and the reformist

09 Mar

Yes the reformist, because if there is a revolutionary thinking, that is, a radicalCriseBrasileiraEn change of system, the exit of the corrupt elite from power and structural changes in Brazilian society, I do not know where it is, and has nothing to do with: there is right government they said: Hasta la vista baby.
The perverse logic of the structural and also conjunctural crisis in Brazil is that neither is analyzed, the model basically linked to the agribusiness and auto industry has been bankrupt for a long time, oil reserves made at a high cost still do not attract the necessary investors, The eradication of poverty is scandal, although there are advertisements of the type: the new middle class, etc.
But the most misleading analysis is cyclical, for example, international consumption has decreased significantly, which means less demand and less export, China that grows even in the middle of the crisis, reduced its purchases by almost 40% between January 2014 and 2015 , Which can be verified by note Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade.
We have an industrial park increasingly denationalized, once again, by the centrality granted to the production and export of primary goods and to external investors, with Brazil paying the invoice.
If we look at the sectors with the greatest fall in employment, the graph above shows that it is the processing industry and construction, that is, little to do with what comes from outside.
It can be observed in diverse journalistic articles that almost 50% of the export agenda revolves around crude oil, iron ore, soy, sugar and coffee, that is, we sell the product without adding value, and they often return To the country already with the due industrialization, there is no note on this subject, in fact I found one published in the Diário da Liberdade, that is to say, in a brazilian little known newspaper.
There are no profound reforms that attack social, educational, economic, and political problems (political reform as who? With those involved in the Lava Jato?), Which could result in structural changes in a city that is dependent on agribusiness and old colonelist elites (chiefs of agricultural states in Brazil), Without changing the structure, political change will not happen.
From the pre-electoral mistake of saying that there was no crisis, to the post-election to ask for “sacrifices” to the people without any counterpart, grows an opportunist and adventurous right that says the post-truth “we have nothing to do with politics,” Now balls … it’s her bastard kids.