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IoT and upcoming future prospects

23 Mar

The IoT seen as a paradigm of a changing society may change, among many other IoTenthings, cultural libraries and equipment allowing greater interaction with users and providing new services, some of which may come from applications in the clouds.
Most of the objects that surround us today will be in the network in one way or another, so that you can have complete information about each one of them, it will be necessary to use repository in clouds, information sharing and data reliability.
Among the technologies for identifying objects are radio frequency identification (RFID) and sensor networks that will grow to meet this new challenge, what will be the new information and communication systems that will be present, although invisible to the user, Which will have an environment around us.
This will result in the generation of huge amounts of data that must be collected, stored, processed and presented transparently, efficiently and with intuitive interpretation by the users, ie simplicity and efficiency summarizing.
This means that model will consist of these services will become commodities as products and should be delivered in a similar way to traditional commodities.
Cloud computing should provide the virtual infrastructure for such utilitarian computing that integrates monitoring devices, storage devices and should behave both analysis tools whose foundations are found in Information Science, as visualization and delivery platforms to the customers, whose foundations are Both in Information Architecture and in Information design, this being to express beauty and help in the intuitive environment.
The model needs to consider the cost that Cloud computing offers, that is, the service must be end-user accessible to users and businesses to access on-demand applications from anywhere without the user’s chatting.
Intelligent connectivity with existing networks and computing able to use context to handle network resources will be an indispensable part of IoT.
An internet that in addition to current applications including sensors and actuators connecting the physical world should emerge consolidating IoT.
IoT’s progress is only beginning, but the period of mistrust has passed.