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Chinese revolution solar panel

05 Apr

Two Chinese universities have created, according to the EFE agency, solar panels thatPainelSolar run with rain or fog, even at night time, the news was published in the official Chinese newspaper Diário do Povo.

According to Professor Tang Qunwei of the Oceanic University of China, the main responsible for the project: “The goal is to increase the efficiency of converting direct light until it returns to have more, generating enough energy in low light conditions such as rain, fog , Mist or at night. “

The team at Yunnan Pedagogical University, the project’s partner, the panels may represent a “photovoltaic revolution”, a principle used in all solar panels, but the difference of this project is the use of a league called LPP Long persistence), which stores energy during the day and is used to produce the photovoltaic effect at night, allowing it to continue charging the energy.

Of course, only light can be absorbed and transformed into energy, but LPP stores energy and unabsorbed light is close to infrared, according to Professor Tang: “allowing for continuous day and night power generation,” Revolution is evident.
The advances have already been published in scientific journals from the United States and Europe, which highlighted the fall in energy costs, as well as producing “clean”