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To leading wisdom and to master

07 Apr

The Greek word Paidagogos is formed by the word paidós (child) andJesusEoJumentinho agogos (conductor).

It was usually the work of the slave that took the child or young person to the formation, which derived in the same root word, meaning to give intellectual and cultural formation (Paidéia).

So pedagogy is linked to the act of leading from knowing, to leading wisdom and to master.

It should also be the driving of ways to bring the individual to knowledge, but it is not because the driver already owns knowledge and does not lead to the masters, to those who have built the knowledge, usually ignored or seen as “theorists”.

The Bible also shows a didactic example. When Jesus entered Jerusalem, he sent for a donkey to mount, he had no cavalry and pompous at his entrance although the people greeted him with branches of trees. This is the origin of Palm Sunday.

Many religious people today, instead of considering themselves a “donkey” who leads the master, put him in the place and want to reduce the wisdom of the master to his limited knowledge.

The reduction of knowledge, the so-called reductionism, the specialization of knowledge, knowing one area we want to be “wise” in several others, and especially the vulgarization of knowledge that humanity has already produced makes the colt a pseudo-wise, arrogant and vain. The Renaissance in the average idea was a resumption of antiquity, what will be the resumption of modernity lost in prejudices and reductions?