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Why did they kill Jesus?

14 Apr

Speculation about the existence of the “historical” figure of Jesus does not withstand historical SantaCeiaanalysis, the Census conducted at the birth of Jesus, the coincidence with the Jewish Passover period (the Jewish years count continues to be the old), the fact that it resurrected On the third day, may be questionable, but the very pursuit of his body to this day is a historical proof.

The fact that they did not find his body now makes skeptics claim their non-existence, post-truth time.

But because they killed him, he remembers who killed him, because we know the motives.

Jews killed by stoning, beheading or beheading, crucifixion was unknown and Roman method, which was for political reasons, and the release of one prisoner and the crucifixion of another was a way to “please” the Jews, who preferred to release Barabbas.

The Jewish (and Jewish) chiefs had mistrust because Jesus “violated” Jewish laws as “working” on the Sabbath, in fact healed and proclaimed “king” of the Jews, and repudiated Pilate’s power when he questioned whether he was King, thus phrases “king of the Jews” above the crucifix was a Roman irony, since the Jews wanted the platelet to be withdrawn.

So Jesus was killed for political reasons, and despite the jealousy of the Jewish leaders and Pilate’s washing of his hands, it was the Roman Empire that arrested him, tortured him, and placed him on a cross.
The fact that coincided with the Jewish Passover on the other hand, has religious significance, for the Jews was a passage, which comes from the Jewish origin of the word Pesaḥ or Pesach, that the Jews celebrate the departure of Egyptian slavery and the arrival in the holy land.
The rites have been adapted, but it is important to know that the famous supper of Jesus (the picture of Da Vinci) and Easter itself are festivals of Jewish origin, and the cup of Elijah which Jesus picks up to drink the wine, was the chalice destined To the Messiah, and the disciples understood when he made this gesture.
Good Friday, however, is the fundamental part of the passage, for the death and the cry of the Son of God, who on the cross no longer calls the Father, but says “My God, My God, because you forsook me”, its not Father but God.

The mystic Chiara Lubich offer a key of reading this named “Jesus Abandoned”, is the true God and true man, there he merges with humanity, the historical Jesus, in this right time for humanity is united to Father by suffer of Jesus.