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Political pragmatism and democracy

17 Apr

The complex conjuncture both national and international has led to a path of easePragmatismoPolitico that is political pragmatism, and as many scholars explain, it does not fit this term an ideological separation.

Reductionism in this field leads to a similar meaning to the terms “objectivity” and “practicality,” but the emergence of a new term should also include the word “sustainability”, as the combination of terms of economic development and natural resource conservation , But it is not only this, in essence it is political activism today.

The absence of a broader reflection, and here I am not referring to the Baumanian pessimism nor to the philosophical pragmatism, it also combines well with the political, since in all sectors of human life, the natural diversity of things, and minimum rules of social coexistence, Oblige everyone, even individualists, to integrate with the community.

But what is at stake in the Brazilian case is the way out of a deep crisis to which everyone rejects paternity, but each in his own way has more or less guilt, since those who did not sin by corruptive and irresponsible action, They sinned by omission.

What can save us is a good dose of full democracy, far from the political pragmatism also expressed in the streets, but close to the questioning of structures and their consequent modification, reduction of power (not necessarily the size) of the state, and liberation of forces Economics, together with the necessary assistance to the social problem.

As for philosophical pragmatism, it is a metaphysical doctrine that argues that the idea of the meaning of life corresponds to the practical developments, that is, a good dose of voluntarism allied with a neo-empiricism, nothing more idealistic.