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The actuality of the apostle Thomas

21 Apr

In both science and belief, though much science is also a form of belief, this seeing-to-believeGlobalWorld has become something present in our day.

But there is also a refuge in empty spiritualties and scientific methodologies, where the proof is already known before something is proved; also in faith, there is proven faith, and it alone makes practice and belief solid, free from superstition and Which is a refuge for many.

The biblical text where Thomas says that he wanted to touch the wounds to believe, even though he had followed and followed Jesus for so long, is a forceful text when he finds him among the apostles Jesus says in John 20:28: “Put your finger Here and look at my hands. Reach out your hand and put it on my side. And do not be disbelieving but faithful, “of course it is true for those who believe.

How can this serve for those who do not believe, it is very simple, to know that there is something beyond the senses and that there is a sphere of the mind, spiritual or supernatural, as you will, what we call the Noosphere.

It was not only believers who wrote about it, a term coined by Teilhard Chardin, also Edgar Morin used it and the Brazilian philosopher Mario Ferreiras dos Santos wrote about noology, and also philosophers like Kant, Hegel and many others admitted a “phenomenology of the spirit,” Although as a Christian I do not think it corresponds to what comes from the Gospels.

If we want a consensual definition, we can say that there is “sphere of human thought”, and the phenomena that take place in it mean that there is communication of values, ideas, myths and philosophies, and everything is deeply human, like Thomas’s doubt.
Edgar Morin’s definition of noology, that is, studies in this sphere of the spirit, is thus made: “The noological sphere, constituted by phenomena, spiritual, is a very rich universe that comprises ideas, theories, philosophies, Dreams. “Can be found in Morin Method I – Nature of Nature p. 110.

Seeing to believe, therefore, although in the case of Thomas means a limitation to the senses, the world today sees itself and this has an aspect beyond the senses that is the contact with a more general sphere where even without the speech we communicate, as the post Previous, this must be our way of thinking in an era that the whole world sees, Sunday elections in France, the Trump-North Korea crisis, everything touches us and provokes us, so we must “try to think the problems of humanity in planetary age”, writted Edgar Morin.