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Last Testament: In His Own Words

04 May

Pope Benedict XVI’s most recent book is on the pews, unappreciated evenTheLastTestament within the church and scarcely read and understood by the narrow circle of “exegetes” and Vaticanists, he breaks the silence for truth, which he loves as much as Gospel.
It was announced on the
Bloomsbury Publishing website, which people who enjoy reading should see, far better than ideological gospel or unprepared homilies, the site says that the publication has 224 pages, and will be widely read by the people the church swears to love, but Is far
Bentinho, as I call him, will speak of things that no one imagines he would speak, but as a lover of Truth, I imagine that one day I would speak, of course to write. he turned 90 years in Easter.
The case that became known as “Vatileaks”, which the butler called Gorgeous George, because gorgeous means beautiful, a mysterious secretary who leaked the letters people of Bento, who claimed corruption and scandals within the Vatican.
He speaks of his supposed formation in the Nazi party, his attempts to solve the “subject of the church” (sexual abuse, pedophilia, gays, etc.) and how he actually sees all this, I will read.
Benedict tried to undo pressure groups inside the Vatican, and although he was surprised by Francisco, personally I think he prepared for the path of a successor with a new proposal, more open and really linked to the “people.”
According to comments, he speaks with joy of the successor, and speaks of both the man and the pope, but confesses that he did not imagine him as a successor, God always surprises.