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MacronLeaks and elections in France

08 May

Even with Macron’s victory in the second round of the French elections,MacronLeaks and the defeat of ultra-right Marine Le Pen, did not let to be noticed a case that was the most serious Hacker attack ever known to try to influence an an election.

Post-truth times after the urgency on Saturday morning of the National Committee for Control of the Presidential Campaign in France that begged the press not to disclose the information on Macron, the fact in the digital universe that there is no control as to how Control of false information, the only possibility is to publicly deny it.

Following an emergency meeting this morning (6) to examine the case, the committee extended the notice to all the population and users of social networks warning that the disclosure of these documents (the “MacronLeaks”, as it has been called in France) May involve “criminalliability” of its perpetrators.

Still no effort of despair, because people who do this kind of action does not have an ethical conscience on the fact, the body asked that “the actors present in Internet sites and social networks, first means, but also all Citizens, to have responsibility and not to transmit such content, in order not to alter the transparency of the election, not to break the law and not to expose itself to a criminal offense. “

In addition, he warned that they were “mixed with false information”, so retransmission of these facts is “susceptible to receive a criminal qualification of many types and to carry the responsibility of its authors.”

En Marche, founded by Macron after breaking with the left-wing Holland government, reported on Friday night that it was the victim of a “mass and coordinated hacking attack” that led to the leak “in the internal social information networks Of diverse natures “, we are waiting for the final result of the elections for analysis.

But an irreversible fact is that some form of control over false information in election campaigns will be necessary from now on because the network effect can make them uncontrollable facts of lying versions about the candidates reversing opinion and forces in a campaign.

European newspapers speak of “relief”, “thank you to France” and the strengthening of the European Union, but “hidden” forces may favor authoritarian and conservative positions.