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Corruption and the demand for change

12 May

The demand for change is also a demand for a change of mentality, and withoutCorrupção any doubt, the great changes that are necessary in our society are the participation of public money in essential sectors: health, education and security, not forgetting the profound inequality that Brazil Has but not at any price and what price?
For an authentic change the mentality of what is government, what is state, and whom these people serve, in the Brazilian case, needs a profound change of mentality, and it is enough to read the literature of the country to know that the root of this mentality is Cultural and structural.
Also in biblical times, the religious mentality needed to be changed, and Peter’s message after the death and resurrection of Jesus is very clear: “In many other words Peter testified to them and exhorted them, saying,” Save yourselves from this Corrupt people! “(Acts 2:10), clear within our context is a little different.
But not the corrupting act, for it is not only the economic aspect, but the thing that is eroding and destroying a society, and it is not possible to change the mentality, without tampering with the people who represent this corrupting model and who holds the power to it.
Not how to change without changing values, positions and especially what is the foundation of a public function: service to the community as a whole and not to self-interests,
A new society demands new men, in whom the change of mentality has already happened, people who have principles that do not negotiate, and this is a utopia in the sense that Paul Ricoeur defends, for those who understand the good ideology, it is ideology.