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The spirit of true

19 May

In the hermeneutic process it springs from the dialogue and action of people whoEspiritoVerdade not only desire Truth and Justice but are able to dialogue according to historical consciousness.

Teilhard Chardin established in his Noosphere how this process of interaction takes place within the Noosphere, a sphere of the spirit according to which the set of the vectors of Life, Chardin was besides priest a palaeontologist, that already operates from the beginning of the Universe, but inside Of which a branch of life, which he calls “a stain of the anthropoids”, a living organisms branch that has consciousness and we can within this consciousness determine a historical consciousness now enlarged by Chardin’s Noosphere as historical consciousness in the arrow of the evolution of the universe.

Of course, this historical “factual” point is precise and determined, but if we see it throughout the history of the universe and a wider cosmogony we can understand that we are part of a genesis of this Universe and an eschatology from which we can not escape. Spirits are connected within a Noosphere in which we evolve or deteriorate.

This Spirit in biblical eschatology is described in John 14: 15-17: “If ye love me, ye shall keep my commandments, and I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another advocate, that he may abide always with you: the Spirit of truth , Which the world is not able to receive, because it does not see or know it. “

Far from a fundamentalist interpretation, which in itself would never be part of a true hermeneutics, solidarity with the whole of humanity, the interpretation of its paths in an apparently confused moment of history, it is possible to shed light on the utilitarian and idealistic pragmatism that prevails In contemporary thought, some light that springs from a Universal Wisdom, where the very history of living beings can be contacted.

A Spirit of Truth means the clarity of principles, values and above all, a behavior that is always right in the small things of everyday life, in solidarity and attentive to the unhappy, respectful of the different and generous with the most humble; There is no mistaking, only the defender has those who cooperate concretely to advance the “arrow” of life, in a constructive and broad sense, always open to those who are diferente.