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Effortless ethics and morals

07 Jul

Establish them as rules, impositions and every idealistic effort to establish it as EthicsSimplea “rule of state,” which is part of daily life and therefore we judge correct, do not match what we would really like our day- To-day flood of personal and collective scandals.
Because often simple people manage to lead their lives more correctly than people who are sophisticated and elaborate: judges, prosecutors, politicians, and even people with high university degrees? The reason is that they forgot the most common and simple elaboration of these values:
Thus ethical values ​​are those that are elaborated within a certain social structure, unfortunately ours is complex and without clear principles, should lead our way of social action to a consensus, where the set of individual morals could help the social attitude of each person.
On the other hand, morality refers to those values ​​that are acquired in the family, and then in society throughout life, makes us discern between right and wrong.
Both refer to right and wrong, one according to established social rules or not, which is what gives us an “ethic” and another that from values ​​that should be given in family, are later guides to our consciences In certain attitudes that we must adopt before the Other.
The fact that it will ultimately be the State and not the family, the social group and the relationship with the Other that must establish these boundaries between right and wrong, which would then be the molds for a current collective culture, made The “self-consciousness” proclaimed by Hegel and by lawyers to enter into a confused process.
In a culture in crisis, with ever deeper suspicions in the actions of the State, and with the falsification of an education to an increasingly hesitant “moral minimum,” the crisis of the cultural crisis that we live has grown, and we have difficulty with the notions simpler.
It is worth reading the Bible that “you revealed to the little ones and the hidden ones of the wise men and doctors” (Mt 11:25), of course it is not a general rule, but that old and “archaic” wisdom of our parents and grandparents seems to solve questions in which Sages and doctors are wrapped up so that they can no longer find their way out