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The Schelermer triadric ballet

04 Sep

Many are the biographical possibilities for Oskar Schlemmer (1888-1943), to understand Schelemmer’s humanism, beginning with his discipline “The Man” which he taught at the Bauhaus in “Teaching Matters: Man”, aiming to “familiarize apprentice with the whole man, making it from two distinct types of consideration: the visible trimming and its presentation “, as it appears in the site:
The idea of ​​the triadric bale comes from three participants (two male and one female), 12 dances and 18 costumes, there is strong puppet theater influence, the idea of ​​machinic movements, synthesis of his vision of modernity divided into two main movements : the mechanization, which makes man as a machine and the body a mechanism, and, the primordial impulses, the depths of our creative impulses.
He saw in the choreographic geometry of dance a synthesis, the Dionysian and emotional origins of dance, which made it rigid and apolytic in its final form, but wanted to be free from the historical baggage of opera and theater, and thus see the man transformed by the costume and dance.

He saw puppets and puppet movements as human beings, reading from the virtual would say that he has a “grammar”, and using a reasoning Schelemmer can be said that “the medium of all art is artificial”, and therefore , a virtual artifact.
In analyzing the body as geometry: it saw the head and eyes as circles, so the body becomes a figurine from which the costume derives, and finally, the movements of dance and music emerge from there, forming the “whole” of man where we began the analysis of his work.
Born on September 4, 1888, he would be 130 years old today, the reason he’s in Google.