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Deeper look at the war

01 Feb

In times of crisis, the most difficult thing is to understand the depth and extent of the crisis: social, political, ecological and human, the pademia has accelerated to greater levels and there are no great analyzes or thoughts that take into account the reality, in fact, a lot of guesswork and sophism, easy ways out of complex problems, the worst of which a possible war.

Karl Kraus complained about the journalism and the mentality of his time about the possibility of a new war, which in fact happened the First World War, in his irony he expressed himself like this: “there are superficial imbeciles and deep imbeciles”, and little by little the war of made.

The crisis between Russia and the United States returns to the tension over which humanity lived the entire period of the Cold War, which had apparently moved away, but we remember the 2014 crisis in Ukraine itself, where Crimea returned to Russian possession, the various crises with Iran and Afghanistan, the crisis with North Korea and the permanent crisis with China, which ranges from the commercial field to the military.

In the midst of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, already as serious as the Spanish flu and the black plague, covid 19 is now approaching an endemic disease, a disease with which we will have to live, but it is good to remember that care must be maintained, and health authorities cannot lose sight of control and preventive measures.

Peter Sloterdijk and Edgar Morin demand a greater depth in the look at the humanitarian crisis, they already complained before the pandemic, certainly now they have an even more sharp and critical look at the superficiality with which we deal with such serious issues and in need of a deep analysis, right now: a possible war.

Looking at the analysis, it seems that the media is interested in possibilities of victory for one of the sides, in strategies and positions that each side can take, a possible cut in Russian gas that supplies Europe that is in the middle of winter, but the humanitarian and global consequences for everyone, with greater gravity for Russia and Ukraine of course, it can have consequences that make the planet itself and civilization unrecognizable if the war alarm sounds, everyone will lose and the poorest will be taken to total penury with rising prices and food shortages.

Yes, the negotiation stages continue, Russia reaffirms that it will not invade, but the accumulation of forces around Ukraine is an escalation proportional only to the period of the second world war, the positioning is also strategic for a war, the UN Security Council which in the relay process now has Russia in the presidency, meets to try to make the diplomatic path viable.

Who will give in, what is it possible for each side to give in, NATO does not make Ukraine a member country and Russia stops supporting the forces that act internally in Ukraine, but the reasoning that there is a planetary ideological polarization cannot be left aside , the origin of the tension is this polarization and it is present today in every country, a new culture of peace is necessary for humanity, and this depth of reflection cannot be left aside.