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Horrors of war succeed each other

12 Apr

A country already enormously devastated, which suffered bombings in hospital buildings, schools and even hospices, still lives with narratives saying that the objective was not to take power in Kiev, although the number of military casualties on both sides is enormous, it is to frighten this kind of vision of war, which in itself is unjustifiable and inhumane.

An even bigger battle is brewing in Mariupol, where civilians were trapped without being able to receive humanitarian aid, and even Red Cross convoys were prevented from moving forward, the few who live and resist in the region are without strength, without food and trapped (there is now suspicion of chemical warfare).

The aim is to say that something has been won, and being situated to the east, the port city of Mariupol can represent a trophy of consolation for those who the aim of war is conquest and power, thus the whole eastern region from the Donbass to the Crimea that already is Russian territory, would be taken.

But what military analysts fear is that this encouraged the Russian government to move forward, and countries like Sweden, Finland, Romania and Moldova are on standby, it would be an escalation that would make clear the expansionist objective with many similarities to World War II.

There is an economic side, without a doubt, and at this point the Russian currency, the ruble, did not fall as sanctions expected, while the dollar is falling, there is a desire on both sides for a new world order, and this requires a deeper analysis, economists and strategists.

The increasing escalation of arms creates and accelerates global polarization, with numerous local influences, France is again polarized between the extreme right of Marine Le Penn and the center left of Emmanuel Macron, and this will surely spread across the planet.

So there is no peace if you don’t cultivate peace, if you don’t work and ask for it, in the middle of Holy Week in which the Passion of Christ is lived, the passion of human civilization seems more evident than ever, a food crisis in sight , a growing radicalization and polarization, far from peace.

It is difficult to ask for common sense, to ask for fewer weapons and more dialogue, to look at the nuclear danger that now sends a shiver down our spines, unfortunately not for everyone.

Yes, a deeper analysis of the war is needed, but as Hannah Arendt stated, totalitarianism about choices made outside the historical context, that is, without any common sense.

For those who believe in something, it remains to ask that it be possible to “take this cup away” and that would be divine.