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The Being and the Truth

10 Jun

In times of crisis, fake news and a pandemic, little truth comes out, each and every group wants to interpret the truth according to their narrative, but the truth is the Being, and its address is in language, it is necessary to have interiority and Spirit of Truth to inhabit it.

The play on words, the cruelty of war or the political and even legal manipulation of the truth are instruments for emptying the truth, even pure subjectivity is not a really spiritual exercise, it is, as Sloterdijk says, part of a “society of exercises”, in this case it is despiritualized.

The hermeneutic circle that proposes the fusion of horizons and the opening of orthodox discourses and narratives was the path of Hans-Georg Gadamer to write his magnum opus “Truth and Method”, in which the author develops the Heideggerian hermeneutics putting it before the Being.

The absence of depth that reveals Being, the highest and most interior truth, causes lies to spill over realities (fake-news is just a media use of them), narratives that do not account for the totality of the truth, fanaticism, wars and aberrations.

The man outside his Being is thrown into the meaningless void, it is not the void of the search and the epoché, it is the void of anguish and the absence of solid paths that lead us to the full truth.

For Christians, the biblical passage John 16:12 is quite strong: “But when the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into the whole truth. For he will not speak on his own, but whatever he hears he will speak, and even things to come he will announce to you.”

So this spirit is able to unveil even the future, now so uncertain and fearful, and only it can really free us from such a heavy and dark present for humanism.


Gadamer, H. G. (1999) Verdade e Método. Tradução de Flávio Paulo Meurer. Brazil, RJ: Vozes.