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Covid 19: the fourth wave has arrived

13 Jun

We warned here in several posts of the risk of the absence or fragility of protocols, and that this led the population to believe that Covid 19 would be at an end, even though vaccination was high and the variant was less lethal, the risk was clear and few health attitudes they were taken.

The number of the average of known cases in Brazil is again approaching the house of 50 thousand and the average number of deaths has again exceeded 100 deaths by Covid, it must be taken into account that many cases are diagnosed in the private network and in pharmacies. , and some are asymptomatic.

Now the fourth wave has arrived, resuming the use of masks and care in environments such as ventilation and distancing are little observed because sanitary habits are followed only by a small conscious portion of the population.

Worldwide, the number of cases is falling, but most Latin American countries, Brazil’s neighbors, are on the rise, and surveillance at airports is not constant and rigorous.

The attitudes taken so far are hesitant and not very incisive in terms of effective care and protocols, only the recommendation to use masks, there is no testing policy, companies and people do it on their own and do not supervise protocols, when it exists.

The authorities are expected to take more responsible attitudes and recognize that the health crisis is still serious and requires very serious and special care on the part of the population.

The data does not lie, a fourth wave of Covid is already present throughout the country, and the number of hospitalizations and deaths is growing again.