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The idealistic model of in-tolerance

10 Aug

Modernity brought to light a model where some individuals, ideologies or cultures would be superior to others, in the Kantian logic of the categorical imperative: “act in such a way that you are a model for others”, so this is the ideal of perfection and its ethical basis. .

The reaction we are experiencing is not the supposed ideological polarization, but a civilization that assumes that belonging to a certain group indicates greater or lesser civilization, it is not, therefore, an attitude of tolerance or “benevolence” towards the other, but imposing a model civilizing.

In a society that gave voice to almost everyone, there are still oppressions in dictatorial countries, what is a model starts to be questioned and in this sense there is a clash between models that can be called ethical, and those whose ethics are the norm of a certain sector. in the power.

The other then can be seen as inferior, abnormal, wild, uncivilized or even intolerant when a standard is imposed as being the “correct” or “civilized”, in practice it is a clash between authoritarian thoughts of two or more different hues, which do not fail to include the religious and the “culturally civilized”.

Understanding that history was written and is still dictated by political groups, editorials from culturally “civilized” sources means a possible historical, epistemological and even scientific critique of modern thought.

Conservative forces, of different shades, it is good to explain are on one side of the pressure and want the tension to remain only between them, the forces that are really contrary and that know that this tension is nothing but a dispute over the market and interests. , are the real opponents of these models, but there is little or no support from power.

Thus, war only favors the powerful and their interests, while peace is only thought of if there is an interest in those that history has neglected: the vanquished, that those peoples who historically contradicted the logic of the war of the powerful also make themselves present in the agony of a civilization in crisis.

In the map above, the concentration of the World GDP, with the USA, China, part of Europe, India and some countries in Arabia highlighted.

At the beginning of this war scenario, we dealt with the analysis of the bad agreements at the end of the first two wars, the submission of the colonized countries and now the confrontation of the powers under the cloak of political struggle, the power and control of markets is at stake.