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Freedom, Tolerance and Peace

12 Aug

The popular adage says: “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance”, this thought would extend to tolerance and Peace, where they cease to exist, freedom also ends up being curtailed.

Not only do the authoritarians want to limit freedom, there are also authoritarian models that try to justify themselves in the name of promises that they do not fulfill: justice, public morality and the well-being of their fellow men, for all this, it always depends on spaces for the different and the dialogue.

The first act of a war is to eliminate those who are different, the second is to establish a state of exception that allows those in power to feed the fuel of intolerance for war.

It is not a national issue, the extent of these tensions already has global contours, even Amnesty International, an exempt and generally tolerant body, already presents distortions in its actions and its reports are questionable.

The Pandemic generated a global problem, however, not even this common “enemy” made us solidarity, we could not read a great civilizing distress signal and with this others will come.

So, what is our reaction to the lack of solidarity and peace? Pinochet.

For a more just and fraternal world, not only words are needed, but actions that are in fact affirmative to implement tolerance, the right to difference and social freedom.

To those who believe, the biblical word is very clear, because an announcement of a civilization of solidarity and peace requires action, it is written in Luke (12,49-51): “I have come to cast fire on the earth, and how I would like was already lit. I must receive a baptism, and how anxious I am until this is accomplished! Do you think that I came to bring peace on earth? On the contrary, I say to you, I came to bring division.

It is a clear watershed between true Christians and those who think only of heavenly peace.