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The winter and the war

20 Sep

Ukraine has announced a counter-offensive in the Oskil region where they have won important points and begins a counter-offensive in Kherson promising to reach even the occupied region of Crimea.

How will Russia react and what is the importance of this resumption of Ukraine? Before any analysis, it is necessary to recognize that the collapse of Russian forces on the Kharkiv front is a serious defeat and it is unlikely that Putin will not react, the problem is what the reaction is.

News from various sources is that Ukrainian troops have made major incursions on the Kharkiv front, for example the US-based Institute for War, where around 2,500 square kilometers have been recovered from Russian forces.

Ukrainian forces pushed the front line from Kharkiv some 70 km east to the Oskil River, capturing several key strategic points, particularly in the Izyum region, where bodies were in common speech with marks of torture and on the west bank. from Kupyansk.

Winter is coming, and Russia in addition to controlling energy sources, also the nuclear plants that are under its control, can cut off the gas and suffocate not only Ukraine, but much of Europe.

But what is more worrying is Russia’s reaction if the defeats are prolonged, the use of strategic nuclear weapons could trigger a NATO chain reaction and a difficult scenario could be drawn.

We will enter the autumn of Europe, which corresponds to our winter in the southern hemisphere, and tensions tend to escalate.

It is necessary for peacekeeping forces to mobilize and prevent a crisis that could lead to drastic actions and even greater horror.