Arquivo para October 31st, 2022

Resume the culture of life

31 Oct

All over the planet, there is an impasse between choosing aculture that advances peace and prosperity for all humanity, including all diversity, and a culture of hatred, war and adversity.

War is this perspective, to enter into that polarized us-against-them current, and the war in Ukraine and the nuclear danger must awaken humanity to greater risks than diversity, which is ultimately beneficial and helps reflection on the future and the humans values.

Between Putin’s threats, the takeover of the city of Kherson in Ukraine with the population expelled, the power blackouts and a new embargo on Ukraine’s grains, Putin gives a weak nod to the West and says he is not an enemy and able to live together, there are even suggestions of peace brokerage by the pope and possibilities of agreements, they are urgent because winter is coming in the north.

Europe is already feeling the strong crisis that is approaching, not being able to control the economy, the British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned, who stayed in office for a short time, being replaced by Rishi Sunak, an Englishman of Indian origin, which in itself is already very interesting, although it belongs to the Conservative Party, it is a breath of diversity for the United Kingdom, as India’s exit from the British empire was painful in the time of Gandhi, who made the first peaceful colonial war.

The political scenario is moving, now almost all Latin America is turning to the left, entering Brazil in this scenario can bring great changes, however, it is first necessary to internally pacify the forces literally divided and in an uncivilized confrontation.

It is necessary to defend life, also in the aspect of health and emotional balance, a lot of poison was distilled with apparently peaceful and loving words, and this is the worst type of war, the one that is carried out with refinements of cynicism and hypocrisy.

It is time to really pacify the mood, to look to the future so that it is less gloomy and at the end of the year that is approaching, we return to wishing for peace, prosperity and health, which is lacking in current times.