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Theocide II: what is Christianity

08 Nov

An uprising against more conservative Christian forces has been part of it since the beginning of Modernity, not because of the reform that was a dispute between Christian conceptions of allying themselves with power and earthly values ​​and forgetting the word.

Theocide is the idea that we killed God, not that God died, and uprising is this futile attempt.

The first great uprising was to consider divine things among human things, and among them power, already in the biblical time of the old testament men wanted to have kings (as other peoples said) and not judges who were responsible for the Hebrew communities, and God

At the beginning of the New Testament, whose maximal word is “I am going to give you a new commandment, that you love one another” (Jn 13:34), the good news is announced to all peoples, and all peoples are called to it.

In modernity, in the field of liberalism, Christian doctrine was also undermined, many were the anticlerical movements, today the “illuminati” are remembered, which is nothing more than the enlightenment in the face of “superstitious” Christianity, the idea of ​​creating a rational religion and earthly, which gradually took hold of Western civilization.

Christian values ​​thus became more linked to conservatism, the conception of morality, family and nationality that survived Christian values ​​suffocated by rationalism and the conception of the “social contract” of the state: John Locke, Adam Smith and Robespierre represent the doctrine of modernity in different fields.

The current uprising consists of destroying what was left, a remnant of conservatism that resisted the attack on original Christian values: love, solidarity and peace, those who opportunistically allied themselves with certain forms of power are also part of the uprising.

What results from this is a house turned upside down, but it is also part of a tidying of the house, the apocalyptics only see the “end of times”, but the true Christian faith sees in everything the action of God and his power , unknown to humanity and part of Christianity, its power above human and earthly mishaps, human values and powers are temporal and not eternal.

The uprisings, which are actions in the spiritual field of values, shake humanity, but it is also submitted to the divine will, in the end it prevails.