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The Civilization Crisis and Peace

17 Nov

The missile in Poland and the attack in Istanbul may not be related at all, but if they are, it is the outbreak of a crisis that could lead to the third world war, because in Turkey a woman from the PKK, the Communist party Curso, was accused of planning the recent attack while the missile that fell in Poland, which is a NATO member country, may have come from a Russian base.

The process of world polarization has already been visible since the election of Trump in the United States, in 2017, the idea of ​​America becoming great again, found a response from the current competitor China and more recently from Russia, which returns to dream of the great homeland soviet.

We posted several times about the danger of winter, because it is strategic for the war, the NATO countries and Ukraine that must resist the shortage and the high price of oil and gas, and Russia that destabilized the plants and energy sources in Ukraine to weaken it during the winter, which also affects Europe.

The desire for peace remains among men of good will, religious people of true faith, which does not exclude Eastern and Muslim religions, but the picture is increasingly worrisome and war does not only need weapons, it mainly needs fuel on the fire of current polarization that hides the true economic interests that finance even well-intentioned meetings on the planet, but with the hidden desire to divide and rule, there are great economic and market interests at stake.

Thus, peace must start from a daily attitude of hope, tolerance and fraternity, which in a climate of war becomes ever greater, more declared and involving a greater number of people.

The fruits of war and polarization for the weakest population are evident and there is no doubt that the highest price of belligerent attitudes will fall on the poorest and most vulnerable.

The arrogance, intolerance and greed for power of the greediest go beyond the limits of civility and challenge even sincere pacifists, they want to make conflict inevitable and take advantage of it.

The biblical passage where Jesus said about his desire for peace in Jerusalem (see map), symbolic until today for concentrating great conflicts, is also significant for today (Lk 19,42-44):

“If you also understood today what can bring you peace! Now, however, it is hidden from your eyes! Days will come when enemies will make trenches against you and surround you on all sides. They will crush you and your children. And they will not leave a stone upon a stone in you. Because you did not recognize the time when you were visited”.

There is no religion in belligerent desires, they are not worthy and cannot be confused with faith and true hope.