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Between what is said and what is said

13 Dec

In a strong time of narratives, what is said has nothing or little to do with the actual attitudes of men, it applies to politics, culture and religion, so not everyone who wants to help the most humble of actually do, not everyone who claims to be religious is actually connected to the values ​​and divine message, whether of any religion or Christian denomination.

There are very simple things to be identified: a good tree bears good fruit, correct words should indicate an upright life, but the philosophical or theological discourse is often confused and in this case it is necessary to be guided by attitudes that are also simple to observe and that say a lot. : there is no arrogance of temporal power of any kind, from a head of department to governments and constituted authorities, past and recent history is full of these examples.

The reason why we live in a time when truths are not welcome, is more than the construction of narratives and they do not lack human creativity, it is mainly because it is difficult to say that things are going wrong, despite everyone feeling bad. being, there is no lack of false prophets making unrealizable promises, self-help consolations and even those who prescribe happiness like a medicine leaflet.

The civilizing malaise detected by Freud (book from the 1930s) more than just psychological aspects spoke of instinctual impulses (we made some posts about this) and the inadequate outlet for them.

Of course this goes to politics, and from politics to social aspects: economy, health, education and the increasingly serious environmental problem, but the depth of this crisis requires another analysis: war.

As we said a little while ago, the arrogance of the constituted authorities and the rabid collective adhesion, I am not talking about any specific current, but almost all, stimulates hatred and violence, and the path and outlet of this current is none other than the sea of human violence: war.

The positive message in this regard is to do what is a problem, and often not even proclaim it, but to set an example of what is fair and sensible, says popular wisdom: example leads.