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What would be the possible offensive of Ukraine

01 Jan

While the peace negotiations are still at square one, Russia and Ukraine are drawing up their strategies, Russia continues to carry out scattered bombings throughout Ukrainian territory, last weekend it was in the city of Uman, south central Ukraine.

In September last year, while the Russians were expecting attacks in the south near Kherson, Ukraine attacked in the northeast near the region of Lugansk and Donesk, everything indicates that the great Ukrainian offensive will follow a similar tactic, Russia withdrew its military bases in the Crimea region (as satellite images show), so a new attack to the north is expected, but it will be.

It would be logical from the previous confrontation, the bloody battles of Soledar and Bakhmut in the Dontesk and Luhansk region, that the great offensive of Ukraine promised for the spring (here in the south our autumn), that the attack could be there, but everything indicates that it could be to the south.

The serious problem is what would be the Russian reaction to a new Ukrainian advance? Can it go beyond the limits of a conventional war? worst case scenario Finland and Sweden launch an offensive in anticipation of a likely Russian attack.

It is not a war fatality, always and every conflict is avoidable, the question is to put this or that population at risk of a total war and not think about the likely retaliation, after all it is true that Ukraine went to the extreme for having its territory invaded , the other side will be the same.