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Mass over the world

06 Sep

Teilhard Chardin’s writing turned 100 years old on September 3, 2023, it ended in the Ordos desert in Mongolia, the writing started in 1919 when he worked as a porter in the First World War, it was remembered by the pope who was in Mongolia on this date.

For years the writings of Teilhard Chardin were banned, but little by little they were removed and were published revealing a spirituality and an updated and real worldview, it was Chardin who popularized the word Noosphere by Volodymyr Vernasky.

This mass reads: “Lord, since once again, no longer in the forests of France, but on the steppes of Asia, I have no bread, no wine, no altar, I will rise above symbols to the pure majesty of the Real , and I, your priest, will offer you, on the altar of the whole earth, the work and suffering of the world “.

Chardin had completed his thesis on paleontology and was in Mongolia to collect fossils when he finished the work, as he was unable to hold a conventional mass there (pictured with Émile Licent, in the Ordos desert, Mongolia).

His best-known work is “The Human Phenomenon”, controversial because he develops his theology within an evolutionary conception, which infuriated the theologians of the time and which is still fought today in more fundamentalist Christian sectors, it is good to remember that Jesus used parables to explain things complex and that the evidence for the existence of man in primitive periods is already a fact and many biblical allegories are clear, such as those used in the Apocalypse.

In the mass written by Chardin there is the desire for a single humanity, attached to the love of incarnation and revisited in the holy Host of each mass: “Receive, Lord, this total Host that Creation, moved by Your call, presents to You in the new dawn. This bread of our effort is, in itself, I know, nothing more than an immense disintegration. Unfortunately, this wine of our pain is still nothing more than a dissolving drink. But at the bottom of this formless mass, you have placed — I am sure, because I feel it — an irresistible and sanctifying desire that makes us all cry out, from the impious to the faithful: “Lord, make us one!” “.

The desire to see all creation as one and linked to life and Love is the Creator’s deepest desire.

CHARDIN, P.T. La Messe sur le Monde. (in portuguese), 1923.