Arquivo para October 18th, 2023

Between narratives and inner development

18 Oct

Before continuing with the history of Israel, which will also involve two exoduses until its attempted dissolution as a nation, a reading of the book “La crisis de la narración” (published by Herder, Argentina) clarifies an important aspect of modern narratives, or what the author calls it “post-narratives”, “telling stories is selling them”.

He clarifies that the “art of storytelling as a strategy to convey messages emotionally”, today everyone talks about narratives to justify their post-truth, has led us to a paradox “that the inflationary use of narratives can manifest a crisis in the narrative itself” , in other times, narratives “accommodated us in our being”, giving meaning and guidance to life.

There was an intrinsic truth, or at least a complete theory of solutions that included man as a whole, and unlike the current lightened narratives (distorting the original narrative, when based on any), “they are the description of the micronarratives of the present, which They lack all gravitation and all pretense of truth.”

True to its style, it is neither informative nor illustrative, examples and categorizations chaotically shape facts and ideas throughout the text, and when there is an original narrative, it is distorted.

Clarifies, now, to understand [a certain topic], there is nothing that explains, orders and one. There is no report, because there is no past. There is no community. Without history, then there is no hope for the future.

He concludes that “with current hyperactivity, which seeks to drive away boredom, we never reach a deep state of spiritual relaxation”, which is developed in other books of his such as “The Society of Fatigue” and “The Aroma of Time”.

He calls modern man “phono sapiens”, who does not know “the development of inner existence”.