The Book Thief

31 Dec

I made the purpose of reading this book to a friend, housewife, who asked me who only read books Book “academic” and the result was surprising.

The beginning seemed to me that the story of Liesel Meminger although interestingly told by a friendly narrator , drew a morbid journey in which you insert a little thief of books , a fondness which Death to Liesel ‘s track from 1939 to 1943 .

Traits of a survivor are outlined : the Communist mother, persecuted by the Nazis , sends Liesel and her brother for the poor suburb of a German town where a couple is willing to adopt them for cash .

But the boy died on the way and is buried by a digger dropping a book in the snow , which will be the first of several that girl stealing over the years and this book will be the link to your family.

The adoptive father is a painter of wall debonair who teaches him to read , is Nazi period and many books are burned, but she steals the reading of the mayor or the city library.

This virtual – reality created around Hitler and the Second World War , the girl attends Death , with some perplexity of human violence , but manages to give a light and fun tone to the narrative in this harsh reality of lost childhood and the cruelty of the world war.

But the book has a curious dying and living , hence my inevitable connection to Heidegger and to the present day , with dark clouds hovering over the cultural and society .



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