A planetary tele-participation

14 Jan

This whole process excluded people and cultures, Edgar MorinTelecomunicacao and Anne B. Kern to analyze the emergence of Earth – Homeland, remember that the invasion of China by Japan in 1931 was ignored by Europe , the “Chaco War between Bolivia and Argentina (1932-1935) was another planet ” (p. 38 ) , and ” only after 1950 is that the Korean War , the Vietnam and ( with the generalization of television) the Middle East have become close. ” (p. 38) .

It is then that world events begin to seem that occur in our backyard , the authors cite Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas in 1963 , the arrival of Sadat to Jerusalem and his assassination in 1981 , the attack on the Pope in Rome , the assassination of Indira Gandhi and her son Rhajiv and murder of Mohammed Boudiaf the House of Culture of Anaba , and they add ” if only for the duration of a flash human emotion wells up to the point we take our clothes , our mite to international aid organizations to humanitarian missions.” (p. 39) .

It is only when people see is that the medical and food aid arrive , but when the authors wrote the book ( in 2000 ) said they still ” we felt for planetary flashes ” (p. 39), is now with videos and simultaneous photos can say the same ?

Tsunamis , hurricanes , floods seem to occur in distant places make us feel more part of the people so far away , and bring us the “feeling of belonging to the same community of destiny , now the Earth community ” (p. 39)

The authors finish Chapter 1 , despite the concern with “agonizing convulsions” claim that ” although there is not now a community of fate , there is still no common awareness of this Schicksalgemeinschaft . ” (P. 41 ) (in certain situations that communities share the destination : shipwrecked people trapped in a mine, etc. and it can now become a common feeling to the entire planet ) and here I include the noosphere, “the spirit” planetarium..

The authors also analyze the planetary identity (Chapter 2) and the problems of planetary distress (Chapter 3), but I’m optimistic I think it is possible now that we have a media mirror network , see the fact that we have to face and decide how it her pleasant creating a new nation – World´s peoples, cultures, biosphere and noosphere shared by all.



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