Viena is a first city with own domain

06 Mar

CidadeWWWDifferent areas of the traditional final suffixes .Org ,  .Com  or .EDU among others, are already allowed some time, but now those areas may be cities .

Now if you want to see taxis in Vienna , you can browse the site and other taxi.viena for the city because the domain acquired by the city.

The final award of the domain however, will have several phases , giving higher priority to companies and trademarks only later that people may ask domains , and the domains are already registered www.seestadt.viena , which has an urban design for the city .

Paris is also negotiating its domain and brands that want to have this area should shell out somewhere around one hundred thousand euros ( at current exchange rates £ 325,000 ) which may become prohibitive for many brands and small businesses , although the price is lower for bloggers and other famous sites , the aspect of commodification is highlighted.

This increasing commercialization of new domains may in future take the free aspect of the Web and makes it even more strongly controlled by economic power.



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