Day and Web Librarian: a coincidence ?

12 Mar

LibraryWebSiteThe day of the librarian is celebrated in Brazil on March 12 , interestingly this is the date which can also be considered the foundation of the World Wide Web , because on March 12, 1989, Tim Berners-Lee published an article on this ” layer “over the internet.

Yes this is the basic explanation on the Web , an application or a software that accesses information that is online from Internet addresses , though they have the same type of numbering of e- mails , locate servers that have a DNS (Date name System) , which is a kind of ” fancy name ” the actual address .

In a basic explanation , the web is a software to browse the information that is online . Its distinguishing characteristic is the ability to click on links to open the files on computers that can be anywhere .

Librarians who have had their day yesterday , I take to congratulate them , are guardians of the mission of dissemination of information and the democratic right of access to it , among which includes the printed book , but not just him , but all forms of information including culture, history and heritage information and it is also clear, digital information .

The information on the Web is still largely open and egalitarian as the speed , but the attempt to create a sub-Web , differentiating the public interests of trade exists , and has been the scene of much debate , including the Marco Civil Brasileiro (Brazilian Internet Civil Code), the internet law herein.


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