Pre-sales of Apple in Brazil

06 Nov

AppleCraschThe country has always stood for then, when the launches of new models of Apple iPhones now 6 Plus models will be launched in the pre-sales also in the country, on Friday (7), previous versions were marketed only by the telecom operators.
The novelty is intended to facilitate the acquisition and avoid the traditional queues releases, and buyers will seek the appliances a week after the launch, ie 14 November, US prices however will not be the same here because of taxes, in there prices posting for two-year contracts are: iPhone 6 is $ 199 (model with 16 GB of storage), $ 299 (64GB) and $ 399 (128 GB, while iPhone 6 Plus salt for U$ 299 (16 GB), $ 399 (64GB) and $ 499 (128GB).
Little news (keeps the 8 Megapixel camera, for example), however, and the biggest problem for users, which is breaking the front windows or have splintered, common rear happened, will continue, as only certain models of Android phones is that has a durable glass Gorilla glass, Apple remains fragile, and the repair is expensive.
Official prices for Brazil were not disclosed by the company


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