Projects that can help the planet

14 Nov

EarthInsightMany new technologies are helping conservationists to better analyze the data they collect to improve the ways they protect the wildlife and natural habitats, retaining not only animals, but also the whole ecosystem present.

The TechRepublic article points to several ongoing projects, such as the program that uses the HP Vertica analytics platform to analyze millions of photos and estimate as a kind of animal is occupying a given area and thus to protect them, using the program Insight Earth.

Another example is that IBM is working to integrate the PAM, a cloud-based application developed by The Nature Conservancy, which enables land managers to monitor and meet environmental goals, a platform called

The Nature Conservacy can also use data from various crowdsourcing bird watchers who use eBird, satellite images and data to create diamonds BirdReturn, which allows to observe and assist in the control birds nest sites, food and bath during their migration.


Other projects are cited:  Bumble Bee Watch is one crowdsourced, other crowdsourcing using  Intel card is Galileo board, and many others.


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