Computational Linguistics

03 Dec

In evolutionary line of intelligent agents, which promises to be the next big wave of the Web, is the risingLinguaNatural computational linguistics (CL), who explains that new field is this is the Professor Shalom Lappin, Computational linguistics professor at King College London.

According to a report in The Guardian, the teacher says it is possible to write software models that automatically analyze certain aspects of a language and thus create and develop models to work with natural languages.
In the aspect of engineering, CL focuses on natural language processing, in order to develop systems that facilitate human-computer interaction, and to automate a number of tasks linguistic practices, such as machine translation, text summarization, speech recognition and generation texts, extraction and retrieval of information and sentiment analysis contained in a text.

By examining the scientific aspect of the CL, the researchers seek to model natural languages as formal combinatorial systems in an effort to identify the procedures by which humans can learn and to represent these systems.

The King’s College of London held the Natural Language Festival to celebrate the diversity of languages, where the development made, were presented by Professor  Lappin.


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