The internet will disappear, says head of Google

27 Jan

EricSchmidtNot what you’re thinking, but the fact that it will become in such a way that this will be impossible to connect to something without using it, said the head of Google Eric Schmidt last Thursday in Davos, Switzerland, where they held the World Economic Forum.

Asked about the future of the Internet replied: “I will answer very simply that the internet will disappear,” second video made available by the network of US television CNBC.

But I did not mean by this that the Internet can follow the path of photographic film and floppy disks, but the understanding Schmidt is that the network will be in a way so present in our daily lives that will be inescapable.

May be present in a person’s life the moment he is born, in every moment of a person’s life, his family life, medical, student and various social activities, of course with the law of “forgetting” which is the ability to disappear with unwanted record.

But the problem of privacy remains, how to ensure that data is not lost and falling into the hands that make misuse, here’s a great problem to be solved



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