38% of the world are connected

27 Feb

StateConectivityThe data are from a study entitled “State of connectivity 2014: Report on the global internet,” which analyzes the current state of the network connection, the profile of the connected and which are not.
According to the survey, in early 2015 was outnumbered the 3 billion people online, and this means 38% of the world population, if we discount old people and children who still do not connect directly, it can be said more half of humanity is connected in some way.
This number was calculated by people who somehow connected to the internet from computers or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as GeekWire site.
This difference increases when the comparison is made between developed and developing countries, where the first has a total of 32% of people who have not connected to the Internet is 32%.; while in the second this number reaches 78%.
The text cites Brazil as an indicator of maturity. The average of the connecting members 416 is megabytes (MB) per month.
The study can be accessed by a Facebook page called Newsroom, which shows the evolution of the data and do other analyzes.



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