Apple launched the music streaming in Brazil

01 Jul

It was officially launched yesterday (30/06) Apple’s music streaming service in Brazil, according to Ian Rogers, director of the Apple Music. , The first transmission however was scheduled for Tuesday the 13 hs.

The program was directed by DJ Zane Lowe, who just interviewed ENINEM rapper, but Pharrell Williams, Elton John, Drake and other musicians were present at fast online Apple Music.

According to Apple’s senior vice president, iTunes Match users can use the application from the Apple Music, this means that libraries have made are not lost.

Initially the Apple Music will be free during the first three months of use, won the trial period, the monthly payment shall rotate at $ 9.99 but it seems to be half Brazilian $ 4.99 to be the price of the service.

Nothing against or in favor of PAID music service from Apple, just that there is a change.


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