Open Science 2.0

17 Jul

In 2008, the researcher Ben Shneiderman of the UniversityScience-2_0_HL of Maryland wrote an editorial entitled Science 2.0 and that was patented.

In this article Shneiderman argues that Science 2.0 is the one who studies social interactions “real world” with sestudo of e-commerce, online communities and other audiences outside the strictly academic world.

After this a Wired magazine writer he criticized Shneiderman’s view, suggesting that what is called by Shneiderman more collaboration, more real-world tests, but this progress should not be called “Science 2.0” or “Science 1.0” but simply science.

But recent articles like these days of Seed Magazine, claim that, since this was an issue much debated, with the use of websites, blogs, shared knowledge network made the science becomes more accessible to more people around the globe than we could have imagined 20 years and these elements were needed to transform Science 2.0 became “”visible” and having “infrastructure” available across the globe.

The reports discussed in this article Seed says that facts and data were established in magazines that show are moving towards greater openness.

Some readers online help networks; others allow commenters to post links to websites. Other papers are accessible after a certain period of time has elapsed.



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