9 things that people make productive

22 Jul

I Always found weird for waking up at. 5 o´clock, and feel compelledDormindo to read, then write this blog and later walk (no Always), anf finally play or meditat, whatever. Discovered on TechRunch tecnology magazine, that the brain has the maximum performance 2 to 4 hour after waking up, and usually after its good writing, as in the article of Dan Ariely, incredible I make this. Take a NAP from 1 to 2 hour after 1 pm in the afternoon is the fourth smart thing indicated there. As the author I dont´t like eating out, he likes to read on Kindle, I clean the exterior and the interior appears to reduce the stress, it is true, but throw thing forces do little, with the garbage and some things that have lost validity, but I dont´t Always. The are bo books about currente things on the Web is need to look far, na exit, the author, sometimes I do is alternating read a newspaper, watch a morning News channel and view News in the Web. I go to meeting with frieds, but actually, it´s in the luch I beat the baggies and where the best subjets, sometimes in coffee or dinner at the University. Know how to use the phone and use 2 to 4 lines of e-mails, very clever lines, this is what I do, of course, unless you require a longer conversation, in this case the celll. Finally as the article says, we are a sum of experiences, learn take advantage of them as much as half, as professional, not Always all utility, in article he said “A good experience for me is where I meet with friends, where I learn something new, where learn something new I can increase my freedom”.


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