OLED technology arrive in Brazil

10 Aug

OLED means Organic-LED (LED – Light Emitter Diode) are electronic devices, but the technology applied to organic materials have two advantages are less harmful and anti-ecological, and allow the screens to be flexible.

The first observations of electroluminescence in organic materials were made in 1950 by André Bernanose and colleagues at Nancy University in France in 1960 Pope Martin and colleagues at New York University have developed injecting electrodes ohmic contact from organic crystals and in 2010 is published an article (Recent Advances in White Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices (WOLEDs) “. Advanced Materials 22 5) on OLED” white “allowing this technology on an industrial scale.

OLED TVs now come on the market in Brazil Samsung already sells these devices enable higher image contrast than LCD backlit by the Electroluminescence (common) that may make them thinner and economic.

The OLED 3D Curve Smart TV 55 “Wi-Fi, 4 glasses, 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports is on the domestic market of around R $ 6,200.00 in Brazil, still’re face to the national pocket.


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