When WhatsApp does not help

28 Sep
WhatsApp has become an important and widely used, but some drawbacksEmogis are very common, see if they are not abusing some of them:

Messages at inappropriate times
You’re almost asleep or in the middle of sleep and is called by the touch of WhatsApp, worse when it is a trivial or unimportant message. Do not send messages too early or too late, of course, the less it is of utmost importance.

Some subjects are personal
Nobody wants to be spectator charges of discussions, family or love affairs, and this is quite common. The subject should interest at least one third of the group, if not send an individual message or a small group.

Chains of different types
Current follow alive in WhatsApp as conspiracies, religious content in too and promises to perform certain desires, when of course, you forward to at least a few friends. Are you sure that it really work?

Excess emojis
The emojis are cool and some very amusing, contains a message (but appropriate). The problem is that there are some people exaggerate and use the resource without any proper order (see photo). Sometimes it is very difficult to understand what is meant.

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