Tool to develop software

06 Oct

A tool developed at Washington University to improve collaborationCrystal between software developers was evaluated by a team of software engineering research, as one of the most important trbaallhos the past five years, according to the website of UW.

Recognition of this important study was done both in the industrial field conducted by Microsoft Research Ecomo in the academic field from the University of Singapore Management, who asked more than 500 software developers to assess the relevance of this work by applying it to 571 research projects .

The largest number of respondents rated the UW project, as the tool that generated more collaboration tool Crystal (Crystal), Tuning its to a complement “essential” for the practice of software development.

The UW research team is led by Professors Michael Ernst and the late David Notkin to amplar a way to help developers who are working on a team that can make parallel changes without being in conflict with each other.

Crystal is like a merger in the changes of each software developer mode conflicts become apparent and can be quickly resolved.

Crystal avoids wasting time returning to the code to fix conflicts and problems after the fact.


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